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Facts & Figures

Research input

- Turnover: government funding, indirect funding and contract funding
- Scientific staff per faculty/service department (in FTE)
- Number of professors


- Number of PhD graduates per faculty
- Number of publications
- Results of research assessments from 2003 to 2007
- Utrecht University’s share of individual grants from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen, KNAW) and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek, NWO):

•         Academy Professors (KNAW)
•         Academy Researchers (KNAW)
•         The Young Academy (KNAW)
•         Spinoza (NWO)
•         Pioneer (Pionier) (NWO)
•         Innovational Research Incentives Scheme 
•         Vernieuwingsimpuls ‘oude stijl’) (NWO)
•         Veni (NWO)
•         Vidi (NWO)
•         Vici (NWO)
•         Aspasia (NWO)
•         Mosaic (NWO)
•         Casimir (NWO)
•         Toptalent (NWO)

Internationalisation & Diversity

- Share of scientific staff of non-Dutch nationality
- Male/female ratio among scientific staff