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Infection and Immunity

The impact on society of infectious diseases and disorders of immunity is enormous, with both serious health and economical aspects. One has only to think of recent outbreaks of bird flu and of the growing problem of resistant bacteria in hospitals to see why research in this field is of the utmost importance.

Developing new scientific strategies for the prevention and cure for (re)emerging infections and chronic inflammatory diseases in the broader context of public and environmental health issues is the core of the focus area Infection and Immunity. In our molecular and clinical research programmes, experts in human, veterinary and environmental health work closely together at  the cellular, organ, patient and population level. This cooperation provides the optimal setting for the clinical application of our fundamental research and for the development of drugs and vaccines. This will have a significant impact on the quality of human and animal health with the concomitant economic benefits.

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Prof. J. van Putten & Prof. P. CofferContact information

The coordinators of this research focus area are:

Prof. J.P.M. (Jos) van Putten, PhD
T + 31 30 253 43 44

Prof. P.J. (Paul) Coffer, PhD
T + 31 30 250 76 74