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Law and Economics (LLM)

An innovative multidisciplinary and combined curriculum in the exciting and rapidly growing field of Competition and Regulation, offered jointly by two of Utrecht University’s most prolific schools, the School of Economics and the School of Law.

The programme focuses on both public and private issues of the regulation of markets (banking, energy, telecom, transport, and other regulated sectors) private equity, hedge funds, competition and competition policy, corporate governance and regulatory policy and effective enforcement . At all times it is the interplay between the economic and the legal that is the prime focus of the programme. Graduates will be able to bridge the often existing gap between these disciplines and be able to communicate effectively.

The programme has been set up in response to growing demands of the international economy for multidisciplinary experts in competition and regulatory issues. It addresses real managerial and legal issues as well as the underlying economic theories behind such cases as:

  • the failed multibillion euro acquisition of TNT by UPS in 2013;
  • the approx. 300 million euro fines that were given to multinational television manufacturers like Philips and LG Electronics in December 2012 for illegal price fixing;
  • the adequacy of governance codes in getting to grips with Rhineland vs. shareholder economies;
  • the impact of institutional design of regulatory agencies on enforcement strategies and effectiveness;
  • the bailing out of internationally operating banks between 2007 and 2011, which were so large that their collapse threatened the future of the euro.

Please note: Students with a Law background will typically qualify for an LLM degree and need to apply for the Law and Economics programme, while students with an Economics background will typically qualify for an MSc degree and need to apply for the Economics and Law programme, however to a large extent, both types of students follow the same programme so that real interaction between the two disciplines becomes possible. Your courses will be taught by an acclaimed team of economic and law professors!

Heleen Koggink (the Netherlands)
'Due to its interdisciplinary approach, by focusing on the interaction between law and economics, this master gave me a new perspective on law. The focus of the master on (the economics of) competition law, regulatory law and supervision is well chosen by the high quality lecturers, as these are in particular fields in which this interaction becomes very apparent.'

Academische master Voertaal: Engels Vorm: voltijd
Start: september Duur: 1 jaar (60 ECTS) Titulatuur: LLM
Wettelijk tarief: 1.906 euro (2014-2015) Instellingstarief: 15.150 euro (2014-2015)
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Aangeboden door: Faculteit Recht, Economie, Bestuur & Organisatie; Graduate School of Law, Economics & Governance
Dit masterprogramma is officieel geregistreerd onder de opleidingsnaam Law and Economics (code 60742).