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Public International Law

Keuzegids Masters Topopleiding 2013

A small world

From NATO troops in Afghanistan to major summits on climate change, from the creation of an International Criminal Court to concerns about the depletion of fish stocks, the world has become an increasingly interdependent system. Actions taken in one country can have repercussions on the other side of the globe, while pursuing national interests is often restricted by international agreements. And in this small world, more and more jobs require knowledge of international law.

Studying international law in Europe

Are you fascinated by societal questions with an international dimension? Are you interested in working for your government, for an international court, or for a non-governmental organisation? If so, the English-taught graduate programme in Public International Law at Utrecht University is an excellent place to start! Taught at one of the leading law school in the Netherlands, this broad-ranging one-year programme not only provides in-depth knowledge of international law, but also gives you the opportunity to get  acquainted with nearby international organisations in The Hague, the “city of peace and justice”.  

The LLM in Public International Law

This unique international graduate programme enables you to study the general structure and principles of public international law and specialise in those areas that interest you most. The programme covers areas as varied as international peace and security, human rights and international humanitarian law, international environmental law and law of the sea. You will also participate in a moot court.

Working together with students from around the world, you will be able to exchange views and ideas, learn about perspectives on law in other cultures, and get a taste of what it is like to work in an international environment. 

And if you wish, you can take your studies one step further by taking part in our Excellent Master’s tracé.

Jonathan Herbach    "Intense but extremely fulfilling"
Jonathan Herbach (USA), LLM in Public International Law

Academische master Voertaal: Engels Vorm: voltijd
Start: september Duur: 1 jaar (60 ECTS) Titulatuur: LLM
Wettelijk tarief: 1.906 euro (2014-2015) Instellingstarief: 15.150 euro (2014-2015)
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Aangeboden door: Faculteit Recht, Economie, Bestuur & Organisatie; Graduate School of Law, Economics & Governance
Dit masterprogramma is officieel geregistreerd onder de opleidingsnaam Public International Law (code 60856).