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Islamic and Arabic studies 

Internet Resources






MENALIB Middle East Virtual Library 
At present the best collection of internet resources regarding Middle Eastern studies, as kept by conveining German and American universities.

A Collection of internet resources of The Middle East Network Information Centre at Texas University.

A Collection of internet resources at Cornell University.

Basic information per country, given by the CIA (every country in the world).

Encyclopaedia of the Orient
Online encyclopedia about the Middle East.

Country Studies Library of Congress
Online version of country brochures.

Maps of the Middle East 
Guide to online maps of the Middle East.

Electronic Journal of Oriental Studies

Arabic Language and Culture

Site by the Arabists of Bonn University. Conatains useful tips regarding transliteration of the Arabic language, and transliteration fonts that can be downloaded.

Database of internet resources at MENALIB. Via "Search" > journals you will find a list of periodicals and news papers, including many in Arabic.

Arab Gateway
Site of the League of Arab states. Besides information about the League it self the site contains encyclopaedic information on history and culture in the Arab world.

Basic information per country (Arab world).

Maps of the Arab world 
An Extensive collection of maps sorted by country and theme. 

Neopersian Language and Culture

Encyclopaedia Iranica
Online encyclopaedia regarding Iran.

Al Bawaba - Iran 
Neatly arranged website containg links regarding Iran.

Website in Persian with access to Iranian periodicals.

BBC Persian
Persian website of the BBC which includes current events and links. 

Turkish Language and Culture

Archive of documents, mostly in Turkish based around important events in recent Turkish history.
A Website devoted to Turkish literature.

Medya Türk Info
Home page for Turkish news papers, periodicals, radio en television.

TULP project
Turkology links, collected by the University of Leiden. 

Berber Languages and Culture

Website of the Centre de Récherche Berbère of Inalco (Paris), The most important centre for Berber studies in the world.

Website of the Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe in Rabat, Marocco.

Bulletin d'Information sur les Recherches en Linguistique Berbère, Bayreuth, Germany.
Site about Berbers especially in Marocco.

Website by Berber students at Inalco, Paris.

Berber startkabel
Homepage of the Berbers in The Netherlands. 

Kurdish Language and Culture

Website of Arif Zêrevan, containing a rich collection of Kurdish music and literature in the shape of e-books and a Kurdish chatbox.

Institut Kurde 
Website of the Kurdish Institute in Paris (Institut Kurde de Paris), with news and information (in French), online catalogue, news archive.

Kurdish Media
English language website with news and opinion.

Kurdistan Press
Kurdish webportal, with links to other Kurdish websites. 


The Holy Quran
The Quran page of One of the best websites for Quran studies. The Quran can be searched by English keywords. The search results are presented in Arab text with English translation and the possibility to choose other translations.

Der Koran im Internet 
Scientific guide to the Quran resources on the internet by German Arabist Rüdiger Lohlker of the University of Göttingen.

Prophetic Hadiths
Hadith site by One of the best websites for hadith studies. It contains the possibility to search the various Hadith collections together or seperately, in which you can choose between the Arabic original and translations in English, German, French and Turkish. For searches in Arabic a clickable keyboard is avaliable.

Islam Online
Versitile Sunni website with an English and an Arab version. Amongst other things contains a fatwa data bank, in which prominent islamic mullahs such as Yusuf al-Qaradawi react to ethically religious questions from muslims.

Ahlul Bayt Digital Islamic Library Project
Digital library regarding de Shiite islam.

List of hundreds of  muslim websites (mainly Sunni), sorted alphabetically as well as thematically, but can also be searched by keyword.

Dutch Home page, containing links to muslim organisations in The Netherlands.

Links collected by the Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World.