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Utrecht Summerschool

Utrecht Summer School

The Utrecht Summer School of the Utrecht University offers high quality, challenging summer courses on bachelor, master and PhD level in a variety of subjects. All courses are taught in English by our academic staff.

With 3000 students, 200 courses and 98 nationalities, the Utrecht Summer School is the largest in Europe. ECTS credits are rewarded for most of the courses. Parallel to the study program, a social program has been set up including excursions, sports activities and social gatherings, in order to give all participants an unforgettable stay.


Utrecht Summer School offers you:  
  • over 200 fascinating academic courses
  • the opportunity to meet people from all over the world
  • an extensive social programme
  • ECTS credits (most courses)
  • a safe and challenging study environment
  • accommodation within the city
  • a chance to get familiar with Utrecht University

Visit the Utrecht Summer School website

Show students stories (video)