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Teaching & Learning

Science at school

Utrecht University is committed to developing proper primary and secondary education; this is reflected by its various contributions to this field.

Junior College Utrecht

Ambitious and talented 5th and 6th grade secondary school students (pre-university education) are offered the opportunity to attend a two-year science programme at Junior College Utrecht. The Junior College also serves as a ‘laboratory’ for innovative teaching, developing new appealing science teaching methods. More than 80% of the JCU students start a science or biomedical study. 


Utrecht University offers a variety of challenging Masterclasses to (pre-university) secondary school students in one of the 'Science' profiles. These Masterclasses introduce secondary school students to university teaching and focus on topical subjects like nanomaterials, astrophysics, climate topics, biomedical subjects, computer sciences and so on - representing the wide range of research of the Faculty of Science. University teachers provide lectures, practical classes and working groups. A Masterclass lasts two days and has an evening programme as well. 

The University Museum

Students from primary and secondary schools are introduced to aspects of science by means of guided tours, online discovery trips, a scientific workshop, use of original teaching material intended for the classroom, and the interactive Youth Lab (Jeugdlab). More information: University Museum.

Exam preparation

The James Boswell Institute helps 5th and 6th grade secondary school students (pre-university education) to properly prepare for their exit examinations. Under the supervision of an experienced teacher and student assistants, they thoroughly prepare for specific examination subjects.

The Schools Network

The Schools Network (in Dutch) is a partnership between 34 secondary schools in the Utrecht region and nearly all faculties. The Schools Network has been set up to improve the transition from secondary school to university, which is done among other things by sharing knowledge on latest developments and activities.

Papers Site

The Papers Site (in Dutch) offers secondary school students inspiration and ideas for writing (profile) papers. It also provides assistance for conducting experiments and it shows examples from other students.

Dutch Science Month

Oktober Kennismaand, the annual Dutch Science Month in October, links science to other aspects of our culture, like arts and daily life. All sorts of institutes organise hundreds of activities, large and small, such as lectures, workshops, company visits and even festivals.