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Teaching & Learning


Utrecht University offers a versatile range of programmes, courses and trainings. These are not only of interest to University students, but also to secondary school pupils, professionals and seniors.

Utrecht University offers the following programmes:

  • Undergraduate programmes: the first phase of a university degree, focusing on developing academic skills. 
  • Graduate programmes: the second phase of a university degree, in which students specialise in a chosen field of study.
  • PhD programmes: the third phase of a university degree, in which candidates conduct scientific research, culminating in a dissertation defence.
  • Curricular programmes: regular courses for students, some of which can also be attended by other interested people.
  • Minors: a coherent package of courses relating to a certain field of study, which can be taken as part of the undergraduate programme.
  • Programmes and courses for professionals: intended for professionals, including part-time programmes, graduate programmes, post-graduate and contract courses.
  • Courses & workshops: intended for a wide variety of groups and relating to language, study counselling, science and culture.