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Teaching and Learning

Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance

This Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance offers talented Dutch and international students and PhD candidates research master programs in the field of Law, Economics and Public Administration and Organizational Science.

Research Masters

The research oriented Masters prepare students for a scientific career: a PhD position or a position as a lecturer/researcher. The Master also offer a solid fundament for a research position within societal or governmental institutions and stakeholders.

PhD programmes

The Graduate School is also responsible for quality control of the PhD trajectories of the Faculty of Law, Economics and Governance (REBO). As far as PhD training is concerned, there is close cooperation with national research schools (School for Human Rights, Ius Commune, CERES, NOB). Read more PhD related information about this Graduate School on the Utrecht University PhD site.

Research institutes and research schools

All Master's and PhD programmes of the Graduate School are closely connected to the Departmental research institutes and research schools within the REBO Faculty. The direct link with the 8 research programmes of REBO offers a good garantee for the necessary combination of theory and research practice.

Research Master's programmes

The Graduate School offers 3 two year research Master's programmes: 

Are you curious by nature, analytical and ready for a challenge in an attractive academic environment? Are you interested in writing academic texts or engaging in debate and prepared tot tackle the more complicated aspects of legal issues? Would you like the opportunity to complete an in-depth Master’s level study beyond the standard 1-year period? The Master Legal Research offers this opportunity. This programme not only offers an excellent foundation for further studies at PhD level, but also prepares students for a legal career as a practioner in the commercial, public service or academic sector. As part of the program, you will complete courses in legal research skills, as well as within your field of preference. You will spend 1 year engaged in legal research projects and writing a thesis.  

Students who take this Master programme are guided to the frontiers of modern economic theory. Students who graduate as multidisciplinary economists will have a solid education in quantitative methods and will be guided by top researchers of the Utrecht University School of Economics (USE)to the frontiers of micro- and macroeconomics and other economic sub-fields in economics (international economics, public economics, finance and financial markets, organizational economics). In addition, students will also focus on economic subjects that are explicitly related to other disciplines. This multi-disciplinary research is done by gearing economics to institutional, historical and spatial dimensions of economic problems and by focusing attention on problems relevant to society. The Master's programme is coordinated by the Tjalling C. Koopmans Institute.

If you are you interested in gaining in-depth knowledge of Public Administration and Organizational Science, and you also find research particularly appealing, then the Public Administration and Organizational Science (PAOS) Research Master program is the thing for you. This Master program offers thorough theoretical and methodological grounding and prepares you for your own research project. If you are fascinated by solving theoretical puzzles or enjoy researching a problem so that you can offer empirical policy advice, then this Master's programme will suit you perfectly. The research Master’s degree in Public Administration and Organizational Science is offered by the Utrecht University School of Governance (USG) in collaboration with the Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration (TSPPA) and the Department of Public Administration of Erasmus University in Rotterdam. These institutions belong to the best Public Administration and Organizational Science research groups in the Netherlands. They guarantee that the most recent knowledge of central issues in modern Public Administration and Organizational Science will be covered, and give students an immediate and thorough introduction to the most prominent research in these areas.

Board of Studies

The  Board of Studies of the Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance combines the Board of the Graduate School and the regular meeting of of the Research Directors REBO. The Board of Studies consists of:

  • prof.dr. Janneke Plantenga (Chair, Vice-Dean of Research)
  • prof.dr. Charles van Marrewijk (Tjalling C. Koopmans Instituut)
  • Rob Widdershoven (research institute G.J. Wiarda)
  • prof.dr. Paul Boselie (Governance Research Institute)
  • drs. Willem Janssen (PhD candidate)
  • Tomas Königs (Research master student)


Lolita van Toledo
Secretary Graduate School of Law, Economics and Governance

Janskerkhof 3
3512 BK Utrecht
the Netherlands