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Seline Trevisanut is Associate Professor of international law. She joined Utrecht in 2012 as Marie Curie Fellow and, in the period 2012-2014, mainly worked on her research project “The International Law of Offshore Installations: Cutting Through Fragmented Regimes Towards Better Governance” (2016, CUP). In December 2014, she has been granted an ERC Starting Grant for her project “Accommodating New Interests at Sea: Legal Tools for Sustainable Ocean Governance”. The project will start on 1 October 2015 and will study how the law can contribute to the sustainable use of the oceans. It aims to offer a theory of interest- and regime-interaction in ocean governance. It focuses on the interplay between the law of the sea, climate change law and energy law.


She also conducts research within the Utrecht Centre for Water, Ocean and Sustainibility Law (http://ucwosl.rebo.uu.nl/en/) and the project UNIJURIS (unilateralism and the protection of global interests; http://vkc.library.uu.nl/vkc/unijuris/Pages/Default.aspx). She teaches introduction to public international law, sources of public international law, law of the sea, and ocean law and policy.


Before joining Utrecht University, Seline conducted research and taught in many academic institutions including Columbia University, the European University Institute, the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, and the Universities of Cagliari, Milan and Trento. She holds a law degree from the University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne (Maitrise en Droit) and a PhD in international law from the University of Milan. Her publications include a monograph  on “Irregular Migration by Sea in International Law and EU Law” (in Italian) and several articles in international peer reviewed journals.


Seline Trevisanut is a member of the WG Deep-sea of the European Marine Board, and participated in the MARSAFENET COST Action (NETwork of experts on the legal aspects of MARitime SAFEty and security). She is a member of the European Society of International Law, the International Law Association (Dutch Branch), and of Dutch and Italian Societies of International Law. Together with Maria Gavouneli and Miguel G. García-Revillo, she is the co-convenor of the Law of the Sea Interest Group of the ESIL.


Research interests: public international law, law of the sea, environmental law, energy law, human rights law, investment law.


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Current Position

Associate Professor (UHD) of International Law


- 2007 PhD in International Law (University of Milan)
- 2003 Maitrise en droit (Université Paris 1)


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Works in Progress

  1. The International Law of Offshore Installations: Through Fragmentation Towards Better Governance, Cambridge Studies of International and Comparative Law, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2017.

  2. “Decommissioning of Offshore Installations: A ‘Pick and Choose’ International Regulatory Framework” in New Uses and Abuses of the Seabed, Brill, forthcoming 2017.

  3. “Regulating the Safety of Offshore Oil & Gas Operations” in G. Handl and K. Svendsen (eds), Managing the Risk of Offshore Oil and Gas Accidents: The International Legal Dimension, forthcoming 2017.

  4. “Jurisdiction and admissibility issues associated with prompt release applications under Article 292”, paper to be presented at the JCLOS Centre Days Workshop, LOSC Part XV, 21-22 September 2016, Tromsø (Norway).

All publications
  2016 - Book parts / chapters
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Trevisanut, S. (2016). The EU External Border Policy - Managing irregular migration to Europe. In Francesca Ippolito & Seline Trevisanut (Eds.), Migration in the Mediterranean - Mechanisms of International Cooperation (pp. 215-235). Cambridge Universtiy Press.
  2015 - Book parts / chapters
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  2015 - Book editorship
Trevisanut, S. & Bankes, Nigel (2015). Energy from the Sea - An International Law Perspective. (182 p.). Leiden: Brill.
Trevisanut, S. & Ippolito, Francesca (2015). Migration in the Mediterranean - Mechanisms of International Cooperation. (344 p.). Cambridge Universtiy Press.
  2015 - Reports
Trevisanut, S., Rogers, A.D, Brierley, A, Croot, P, Cunha, M.R, Danovaro, R., Devey, C., Hoel, A.H., Ruhl, H., Sarradin, P-M., van den Hoeve, S., Vieira, H. & Visbeck, M. (2015). Delving Deeper - Critical challenges for 21st century deep-sea research. (222 p.). Ostend: European Marine Board.
  2014 - Articles
Trevisanut, Seline & Bankes, Nigel (2014). Introduction: Energy from the Sea. The International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law, 29 (4), (pp. 561-572).
Trevisanut, S. (2014). Is There a Right to be Rescued at Sea? A Constructive Overview. Questions of international law (4), (pp. 3-15).
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  2014 - Book parts / chapters
Trevisanut, Seline (2014). Intellectual Property Rights beyond National Jurisdiction, A Regime for Patenting Products on Marine Genetic Resources of the Deep Seabed and the High Seas. In Carlo Casonato, Lucia Busatta, Simone Penasa, Cinzia Piciocchi & Marta Tomasi (Eds.), Il biodiritto e i suoi confine: definizioni, dialoghi, interazioni (pp. 125-161). Trento: Università degli Studi di Trento.
Trevisanut, Seline (2014). Which Borders for the EU Immigration Policy? Yardsticks of International Protection for EU Joint Borders Management. In L. Azoulai & K. de Vries (Eds.), EU Migration Law, Legal Complexities and Political Rationales (pp. 106-148). Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  2014 - Book reviews
Trevisanut, Seline (2014). Efthymios Papastavridis. The Interception of Vessels on the High Seas, Contemporary Challenges to the Legal Order of the Oceans. European journal of international law, 25 (2), (pp. 616-619).
  2013 - Articles
Trevisanut, S. (2013). Law of the Sea Symposium: Search and Rescue Operations at Sea: Who is in Charge? Who is Responsible?. Opinio Juris in Comparatione http://opiniojuris.org/2013/05/28/law-of-the-sea-symposium-search-and-rescue-operations-at-sea-who-is-in-charge-who-is-responsible ..
Trevisanut, S. (02.04.2013). Offshore Law, The International Law of Offshore Instalations - Cutting through Fragmented Regimes Towards Better Governance. The Parliament magazine
  2013 - Book parts / chapters
Trevisanut, S. (2013). Foreign Investments in the Offshore Energy Industry: Investment Protection v. Energy Security v. Protection of the Marine Environment. In F. Seatzu, T. Treves & S. Tresivanut (Eds.), Foreign Investment, International Law and Common Concerns (pp. 247-263) (17 p.). Londen: Routledge.
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  2013 - Book editorship
Trevisanut, Seline, Treves, Tullio & Seatzu, Francesco (2013). Foreign Investment, International Law and Common Concerns. (400 p.). Routledge.
  2013 - Websites / portals
  2012 - Articles
Trevisanut, S. & Bonfanti, Angelica (2012). TRIPS on the High Seas - Intellectual Property Rights on Marine Genetic Resources. Brooklyn Journal of International Law (1), (pp. 187-232).
  2012 - Books
Trevisanut, S. (2012). Immigrazione irregolare via mare: diritto internazionale e diritto dell’Unione europea [Irregular Migration by Sea in International Law and EU Law]. (360 p.). Naples: Jovene.
  2012 - Book parts / chapters
Trevisanut, S. (2012). L’enlèvement et la gestion des plates-formes et installations offshore abandonnées ou désaffectées [The Removal and Management of Abandoned or Decommissioned Offshore Platforms and Installations]. In G. Andreone, A. Caligiuri & G. Cataldi (Eds.), Droit de la mer et émergences environnementales / Law of the Sea and Environmental Emergencies (pp. 193-217) (25 p.). Naples: Editorial Scientifica.
  2011 - Articles
Trevisanut, S. (2011). Respingimenti in mare dal punto di vista del diritto del mare, con particolare riferimento alla cooperazione tra Italia e Libia. Rassegna di diritto pubblico europeo (2), (pp. 239-254).
  2011 - Websites / portals
Trevisanut, S. (31.05.2011). Aircraft carrier left us to die, say migrants.
  2009 - Articles
Trevisanut, S. (2009). La collaborazione Italia - Libia in materia di contrasto all’immigrazione clandestina via mare - Profili di diritto del mare. Diritti umani e diritto internazionale, (pp. 609-620).
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