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dr. Martijn Oosterbaan
Associate Professor
Social Sciences - Cultural Anthropology
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Martijn Oosterbaan studied Cultural Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam. He acquired his PhD at the Amsterdam School of Social science Research, University of Amsterdam. While finishing his dissertation he obtained a Postdoc position at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Groningen, as a researcher in the NWO research project New Media, Public Sphere and Urban Culture. In 2008 he became Assistant Professor at the Department of Cultural Anthropology at Utrecht University.

Martijn Oosterbaan has published on Pentecostalism, mass media and the city in Brazil and in Europe (see publications). At present his research focuses on religious-political transformations in Brazil as a result of the widespread use of mass media and on Brazilian migration to Europe in relation to questions concerning transnationalism, religion, diaspora and new media. One new branch of his research on religion in urban contexts concerns cross-fertilizations between religion and women soccer in Dutch cities.


Latin America (especially Brazil), anthropology of religion and media. Urban studies, virtual ethnography, transnationalism and diaspora.


Martijn Oosterbaan is cooperating partner of the international research program Global Prayers (

Martijn Oosterbaan is co-applicant of the NWO funded research project: 'The Popular Culture of Illegality: Criminal Authority and the Politics of Aesthetics in Latin America and the Caribbean' on the aesthetic practices that shape the socio-political authority of criminal gangs. For details about the project see:

Martijn Oosterbaan is co-applicant of the NWO funded research project 'Van voetbalvrouwen tot vrouwenvoetbal', on the development of women soccer in the Netherlands and Belgium. For details about the project see:

Academic affiliations

Martijn Oosterbaan is chairman  of the Etnofoor associoation, the Dutch Anthropological Academic Journal, and member of the editorial board of Etnofoor. For information about the journal see:

Martijn Oosterbaan is board member of the  Dutch Association of Anthropologists (Antropologen Beroepsvereniging) on behalf of the Department of Cultural Anthropology of Utrecht University. For more information about the   Dutch Association of Anthropologists see:

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