Justice Administration and Judicial Organisation
Date of appointment 23.10.2008
Inaugural lecture date 30.10.2009

Philip Langbroek has focused his research on court and justice  administration, and organised and directed several international comparative research projects in this field,  for example on case allocation in courts and on transnational judicial cooperation in Europe, and the Menu for Justice project on legal and judicial training in Europe. Currently he participates in the Swiss Synergia Justizmanagement project, led by Andreas Lienhard in Bern and a project on caseflow management in civil procedures, managed by Petra Pekkanen from Laaperenta University in Finland.  Since many years there has been a close cooperation with the Institute for Research of Judicial Systems in Bologna, Italy.

Langbroek is managing editor of the International Journal for Court Administration and co-director of the EGPA studygroup on Justice and Court Administration, and member of the editorial board of Utrecht Law Review.  

Trained in public administration and law, he has taught Dutch administrative law and public administration for many years and published widely on administrative law and Ombudsmen.

Teaching subjects are:

Methodology of legal research


Administrative procedural law.

Court administration.

Involved in the following study programme(s)
Scientific expertise
methodology of legal research - justice and court administration - quality management - ombudsman - good governance in public administration - Dutch administrative law - European arrest warrant - comparative administrative law - judicial independence & autonomy - transnational judicial cooperation - case assignment in courts - court proceedings
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Philip Langbroek graduated in political science (Staatkunde) in 1982 at Leiden University, and wrote a dissertation (PhD) at the Faculty of Public Administration, of Twente University, the Netherlands 1984-1988. From 1989 onwards worked as a lecturer and senior researcher/senior lecturer in Public Law at the Department of Law, faculty REBO, Utrecht University.To date he is professor of Justice administration and judicial organisation at the Montaigne Centre of Utrecht School of Law.

As may be seen from the lists of publications below he is fascinated by the actual constitutional, administrative and juridical  functioning of state organisations and inventions in that context, like quality management and New Public Management, with a focus on the Judiciary (and Ombudsman institutions), but with a long history in modern Dutch Administrative law and especially administrative procedure. He has directed many international research projects, and  has published widely on justice and court administration and administrative law.

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I am a chair of the EGPA studygroup on Justice and Court Administration (Sept. 2011 – ongoing)  together with Daniel Kettiger, Marco Fabri and Andreas Lienhard

Participant in the Synergia Justizmanagement Project,

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Administrative Law - bachelor dutch law
Administrative law practice - Master Dutch Law
Methodology of legal research II Legal research master.

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Additional functions and activities

No additional function for which I am paid.

I have the following unpaid additional functions as a part of my regular job:

Co-director EGPA studygroup on Justice and Court Administration

Board member of the International Association for Court Administration

Managing Editor of the International Journal for Court Administration

Member of the Editorial Board of Utrecht Law Review

Editor of the Montaigne series of Utrecht School of Law

Editor of the Schriftenreihe zur Justizforschung, Stämpfli Verlag,  Bern

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Full name
prof. dr. P.M. Langbroek Contact details
Achter Sint Pieter

Achter Sint Pieter 200
The Netherlands

Phone number (direct) +31 30 253 8059
Phone number (department) +31 30 253 8062
Mo Tue Wed Thu Fr

please call 00 31 30 2538050 if you cannot connect to me via 00 31 30 2538059

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