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Manuel Roda PhD Gegenereerd op 2014-12-18 15:21:47


He is Italian, he is a structural geologist and he is interested in the tectonic processes active on the Earth and Mars. He started his research activity with structural fieldworks on the crustal basements in the Western Alps together with microstructural and petro-chemical analyses.

Afterwards, he approached numerical modelling to study tectonic process at large and medium scale. He studies the subduction dynamics in particular concerning burial and exhumation of crustal material involved in the subduction processes.

Recently he starts exo-Mars researches, in particular the study of Chaotic Terrains origin. He uses numerical thermo-mechanical modeling and physical analogue (sand-box) experiments to understand the role of water and ice in the subsurface martian processes. 

numerical modelling - analogue modelling - structural geology - Exo-Mars - alpine geodynamics

Gegenereerd op 2014-12-18 15:21:47
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