Utrecht University School of Economics (U.S.E.)

U.S.E. Research stimulates and facilitates fundamental and applied research in the economics of markets and institutions. This includes research that crosses borders between economics on one hand and geography, history, law, sociology and social-psychology on the other.

Some 26 fellows, most of whom are associated with one or more of the chairs at USE, participate in the institute's research and Ph.D. programmes.



  • U.S.E. Research publishes results of ongoing research in a discussion paper series
  • U.S.E. Research organises research seminars every Wednesday, in which fellows, including Ph.D. students and visitors are offered the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing work
  • International scholars visit the Koopmans Institute to collaborate and to discuss their work
  • Researchers may visit the institute on a short-term basis or as post-doctoral fellows on a long-term basis
  • doctoral defences and inaugural addresses
  • U.S.E. Research organises and facilitates conferences


Board: prof. Wolter Hassink (director), dr. Kris De Jaegher, dr. mr. Peter-Jan Engelen, dr. Jacob Jordaan.
Support: Mrs. Esther Wissink, Ms. Mariska van Dort (MA). Ms. Emmy Beenk en Ms. Caroline Remmerswaal.

Departement Economie