prof. dr. Henk Aarts
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I am trained as an experimental social psychologist at Nijmegen University where I worked on habit and decision making, and received my PhD in 1996. I worked at Eindhoven University of Technology and Leiden University. Since 2006 I have been a Full Professor in Psychology at Utrecht University. We investigate the human capacity and experience of controlling one’s own actions as well as those of others. Our research is mainly experimental, using knowledge and methods from social, behavioral and neuroscience, but occasionally we also ask people questions to examine correlations between their subjectively reported feelings, thoughts and actions. In the last 10 years my colleagues and I have made some progress in studying the interplay between conscious and unconscious processes in action-control, goal pursuit, social influence and experienced self-agency. Together with Ruud Custers I established the goallab, a group of researchers that share a genuine interest in the role of goals in human behavior. 


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