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Patricia Schor is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. She holds an MA from the International Institute of Social Studies, part of the Erasmus University - The Hague, with a thesis on Afro-Brazilian religions. Her PhD research was initiated at King's College London and later transferred to the Utrecht University. It focuses on the continuities and reconfigurations of the Portuguese empire in contemporary narratives of the Portuguese language, which represent points of contact with Africa. Patricia has conduced field research in Lisbon, as Associated Researcher to the Centre for Comparative Studies - University of Lisbon, group Dislocating Europe. At Utrecht University she is an Affiliated Researcher to the Research Institute for History and Culture, group Textual Culture; and is a member of the Postcolonial Studies Initiative. Patricia was recently awarded a Prince Bernhard Scholarship to carry out comparative research on the representations of Africa in Portugal and Brazil. Before her PhD, she worked at Oxfam-Novib, as Programme Officer Lusophone Africa. She maintains her critical engagement in the field of Development. Her research interests are Europe's post-imperial imaginaries, postcolonial representations of Africa, Border theory and language discourse.

Gegenereerd op 2014-12-21 13:02:14
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