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Department Animals, Science and Society

Course on Laboratory Animal Science


The objective of the 80 hours course is to present basic facts and principles that are essential for the humane use and care of laboratory animals and for the quality of research.
The course may also be of interest for those who intend to set up a similar course at their own location. For this purpose, during the course acquisition of teaching materials can be discusses with the course committee.

Our international courses are meant for people who do not speak and/or understand Dutch. Otherwise we refer to our Dutch courses (see Dutch pages:


The number of credits that can be obtained after successful completion of the course is 3 ECTS ( European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System). The lenght of the course is two weeks.


If the participant has met all legal requirements and has successfully passed the exam at the end of the course, he/she will receive a certificate.

Legal requirements (according to Section 2 of the Dutch Experiments on Animals Decree)
Beside successful completion of the Course on Laboratory Animal Science, the applicant needs to have required:
  • a MSc degree in a biological or zootechnical discipline
  • knowledge of the basic subjects of biology up to 18.75 ECTS (=500 study hours) including at least 7.5 ECTS on anatomy/zoology and 7.5 ECTS on physiology.
Please send in together with your registration form:
  • a copy of your master diploma
  • a complete list of all relevant courses (including BSc studies) that you followed, and the number of hours that they took (if your academic training was not one of the aforementioned disciplines).
If you have not (yet) obtained a Master degree, you will receive a written confirmation stating that you followed the course and successfully passed the exam. With this confirmation you can after obtaining your master degree, put in a request to send you the final certificate confirming that you meet all legal requirements of Dutch law to be registered as an art.9 researcher.



The maximum number of participants is 24. Registration will be accepted after receipt of:
  • the registration form on 'first come, first served' basis. Please fill in (using the Tab-key) and send it by fax to +31 30 253 7997, or by regular mail to: Course on Laboratory Animal Science, Yalelaan 2, 3584 CM Utrecht, the Netherlands
  • Masterstudents Biomedical Sciences of the Utrecht University are required to contact the master Administration office for registration, e-mail: The registration form can be found: Registrationform 

Note that our English courses are meant for students who do not speak or understand Dutch. Dutch speaking students should register in our Dutch course, for course dates see:

Courses WITH accommodation

Once a year in July we organise a course with hotel accommodation, only for participants not living or working in the Netherlands. A hotel reservation is made for 12 nights, lunches and dinners are included during course days.

Due to the implementation of the European directive 210/63/EU, the Dutch Act on Animal Experimentation will be adjusted on January 1, 2014. One of the effects of this adjustment relates to the course in Laboratory Animal Science for researchers. In the future researchers will have to follow a basic course + an additional species-specific practice module.
The first half year of 2014 the courses will be given as usual. When there are changes after that period we will inform you on this website.

Course dates 2014
Courses WITHOUT accommodation

14 - 25 Apr, 2014         Basic course: International LAS-course IV. Course is full. However adding your name to a waitinglist is possible.
22 Sep. - 03 Oct, 2014, International Course I
04 Nov. - 15 Nov, 2014. International Course II 

Courses WITH accommodation

30 Jun - 11 Jul, 2014     Basic course: International LAS-course V

Courses with accommodation include:

·         course materials
·         accommodation (breakfast included) for 12 nights
·         lunches and dinners during course days
·         daily transport from the hotel to the university and back during course  days

Prices 2014:
Regular course fee:                                           € 1710

Employees of the Fac. of Veterinary Medicine, Utrecht University: 
                                                                               € 915 (English textbook included).

Courses WITH accommodation:                    € 3435

If a course changes due to new legislation prices will be published on this website

Cancellation Policy
registration is canceled:

- 22 or more days prior to the starting date of the course: the payment is fully refunded.
- 7 - 21 days prior to the starting date of the course, 50% of the payment is refunded to the client.
- 7 or less days to the starting date of the course or no-show, the payment is not refunded.


The courses start at 9 am and will last until Friday the next week at approx. 5 pm.


  • Introduction; general aspects of laboratory animal science
  • Recognition of pain and distress
  • Statistics
  • Anaesthesiology; Analgesia
  • Gnotobiology
  • Practical training (handling)
  • Biology and husbandry of laboratory animals
  • Genetic standardization
  • Practical training (techniques)
  • Behaviour and housing
  • Diseases of laboratory animals
  • Analysis of a published paper
  • Animal welfare
  • Nutrition of laboratory animals
  • Alternatives to animal experiments
  • Ethical aspects of animal experimentation
  • Euthanasia/humane endpoints 
  • Legislation
  • Behaviour, stress and well-being
  • Excursion (Central Animal Facility0
  • Examination
Course Committee
Mrs. prof. Ohl, PhD
H.J.M. Blom, PhD
H.A. van Lith, PhD
T.P. Rooymans, BSc
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