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Veterinary Medicine


Utrecht University's faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only veterinary college in the Netherlands. The Utrecht veterinary curriculum is accredited by the Dutch Flemish Accreditation Organisation (NVAO), the American and Canadian Veterinary Medical Associations (A/CVMA) and the European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education. 


In general, foreign students who wish to be admitted to a Dutch university need to have permission of the Board of Governors of the university they intend to attend. Special rules apply for the study of Veterinary Medicine. The Dutch Ministry of Education has declared the so-called numerus fixus applicable to the study of Veterinary Medicine. This entails that only a limited amount of students will be admitted each year. At this moment, the number is 225.  

Foreign diplomas have to be evaluated and compared with the Dutch-equivalent diplomas. This evaluation takes time and can result in you having to take supplementary exams before being accepted in the lottery.
Prior to admission to the study of Veterinary Medicine applicants have to prove a (sufficient) knowledge of the Dutch language. This is a requirement under Dutch law, as the study programme is given in the Dutch language. Holders of foreign diplomas must therefore pass the exam “Dutch as Second Language program 2” (Staatsexamen Nederlands als Tweede Taal, programma 2) before being admitted.

Other programmes

Besides the regular veterinary curriculum the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine offiers postagraduate master programmes and courses. Click here for an overview of  the faculty's postgraduate education. 

Last but not least, the faculty participates in the foundation Post Academic Education in Veterinary Medicine. For more information click  

Tuition and financial aid

No financial aid is offered to foreign students. Neither the government nor the university grants scholarships to foreign students. It is, however, possible for EEC-students to get a refund of their tuition.

For non-EEC-students, tuition is ca. € 18,500 per year.