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Social and Behavioural Sciences

Study Opportunities

Undergraduate and graduate students of the Department of Cultural Anthropology and Sociology intensively explore the main issues, theories and research methods relating to Cultural Anthropology or Sociology.


The programmes offered by the Departement focus on topical social issues and phenomena as well as on their relationship with sociological or cultural-anthropological questions. The programmes offer a range of study choices, extensive academic schooling, a thorough disciplinary approach, and inspiring teaching methods. The gap between theory and practice is bridged with the help of masterclasses by renowned researchers and counsellors, traineeships, field work and visiting lecturers.


The Department offers high-quality teaching. For four years in a row now, students have voted Cultural Anthropology the best programme in the Netherlands, as witnessed by both the Higher Education Selection Guide and surveys conducted by Elsevier Magazine. Professors and associate professors believe that Sociology at Utrecht University is the best programme in the Netherlands.