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Master's and PhD programmes

The Master's and PhD programmes of the Faculty of Science are offered by the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

Together, these programmes cover a wide range of disciplines. Since the programmes are deliberately flexible, you can create an individual learning profile that matches your own personal interests.

Research university

Utrecht University is a research university. Therefore, all our Master's and PhD programmes aim at educating students in a research-intensive setting. Our students participate in ongoing top research projects under the daily supervision of our excellent scientists.


If you are a highly talented student in the Natural Sciences or Life Sciences, we want to give you the opportunity to become a leading researcher in either pure or applied scientific research.

Graduate Schools

Future Master's students and PhD candidates can find more information about the Graduate School of Natural Sciences or the Graduate School of Life Sciences.

More information

More information for prospective students on all science master's programmes can be found here. Information for prospective PhD candidates is found on the University's PhD site."