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Internal seminars January - June 2012

Every Monday, at 12.00 PM, an USE researcher will give a presentation in the TKI internal seminar series.

Utrecht University School of Economics, room 2.13
Kriekenpitplein 21-22
3584 EC Utrecht

Organisors: dr. Bastian Westbrock and MSc Thomas van Huizen


Lecturer and title

23 January    

Second general staff meeting: Should we combine our two research programs into one core program?

30 January

Multidisciplinary seminar


Gábor Péli:
Can Pricings Be ‘Complete’? Abstract

13 February
room 1.07
Research sandwich seminar organized by Britta Hoyer, Mark Kattenberg and Saraï Sapulete
An introduction to the use of LaTex
5 March

Sandra Pleijt and Krist Bruns (RM student):
S: Explaining Levels of Economic Development in Early Modern Europe (1300-1800) (research proposal with Wolter Hassink and Jan Luijten van Zanden).
K: People, Geography and Institutions: The quest for fundamentals of economic growth and prosperity (research proposal with Arjen van Witteloostuijn and Mark Sanders)

12 March

Beate Cesinger (PhD student Sascha Kraus):
The complexity of International Entrepreneurship as a research field: Evidence from theoretical and empirical inquiries.

19 March    

Femke van Esch (USBO researcher):
Dealing with the Eurocrisis: the role of Culture and Leadership

2 April Andreas Bühn:
Decentralization and the shadow economy: Oates meets Allingham-Sandmo
16 April

Mikko Pohjola (PhD student Sascha Kraus):
Essays on innovation strategies and capabilities of firms – an evolutionary approach

23 April Jasper Lukkezen:
A Hands on approach to optimal budgetary policy
14 May Anna Salomons:

Explaining Job Polarization in Europe: The Roles of Technology and Offshoring

21 May Research sandwich seminar:
Ton Hol (UU):
Academic professional ethics
11 June Martijn Boemans:
The Effects of Internationalization on Innovation: Firm-Level Evidence for Transition Economies Abstract
25 June     Hein Roelfsema:
Does Venturing Abroad Drive the Performance of Dutch Microenterprises?