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Centre for the Humanities

Centre for the Humanities                              

Het Centre for the Humanities (CfH) van de Universiteit Utrecht is een platform waar pioniersactiviteiten en innovatief onderzoek worden gerelateerd aan de bredere sociale en politieke relevantie van de geesteswetenschappen. Het CfH maakt deze verbinding door zich te richten op de maatschappelijke status en de publieke opvattingen over de geesteswetenschappen vandaag de dag.
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CfH 2013

Vrede van Utrecht 1713-2013: Vrede vieren, vrijheid onderwijzen

Designing the three commemorative conferences for the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht in 2013 has mobilized the best intellectual and human resources of the CfH team. This process has been both supported by and has helped construct the scheme of the Visiting Professorship, endowed by the Utrecht Province. Our distinguished visitors’ expertise, knowledge and wisdom in many ways provided the backbone of the commemoration programme, which is content-driven but combines academic excellence with a strong sense of social responsibility. The travelling companions in this intellectually challenging venture are of course our friends in the Treaty of Utrecht organization, which is responsible for the general cultural programme of the commemoration  and the many Utrecht University staff members who are actively involved in the CfH, notably the Descartes Centre and the Focus Area ‘Identities and Cultures’.

The assumptions that support our 2013 programme are clear: we have a duty to remember, but our yearning is to transform the legacy of the past into something empowering and inspiring for the present.


April 15 -17, 2013 
"In The Time Of Not Yet" 
Edward Said Memorial Conference
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June 21-22, 2013 
The Colonial Legacy Conference
Treaty of Utrecht: 1713-1863-2013

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September 19-20, 2013 
The Idea of the University and the Future of Knowledge. Views from the Humanities.
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