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Structural Geology and Tectonics

Reinoud Vissers Reinoud

Contact information

Prof. Dr. Reinoud L.M. Vissers
Department of Earth Sciences
Utrecht University
Postbus 80021
3508 TA Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone (+31) 030-253 5051
Messages (+31) 030-253 5111
Fax (+31) 030-253 7725
Office: N 204

Research interests

  • geodynamics of mountainbelts
  • development and deformation of sedimentary basins in an orogenic context, 
  • tectonic significance of regional metamorphism in orogenic belts, 
  • structural en thermal evolution of the upper mantle, 
  • role of the upper mantle in orogenic processes,
  • meteorites and their significance for planet development and planet evolution.

Some selected publications

Platt, J.P. and R.L.M. Vissers, Extensional collapse of thickened continental lithosphere: a working hypothesis for the Alboran Sea and Gibraltar arc - Geology 17, 540-543, 1989.

Vissers, R.L.M., M.R. Drury, E.H. Hoogerduijn Strating and D. van der Wal, Mantle shear zones - a case study in an Alpine lherzolite massif - Geology, 19, 990-993, 1991.

Vissers, R.L.M. - Variscan extension in the Pyrenees - Tectonics, 11, 1369-1384, 1992.

Van der Wal, D. and R.L.M. Vissers, Uplift and emplacement of upper mantle rocks in the W Mediterranean - Geology, 21, 1119-1122, 1993

Vissers, R.L.M., J.P. Platt and D. van der Wal, Late orogenic extension of the Betic Cordillera and the Alboran domain: A lithospheric view - Tectonics, 14, 786-803, 1995.

Van der Wal, D. and R.L.M. Vissers, Structural petrology of the Ronda peridotite, SW Spain: deformation history. Journal of Petrology, 37, 23-43, 1996.

Vissers, R.L.M., M.R. Drury, J. Newman and T.F. Fliervoet. Mylonitic deformation in upper mantle peridotites of the North Pyrenean Zone (S France): implications for strength and strain localization in the lithosphere - Tectonophysics, 279, 303-325, 1997.

Dijkstra, A.H., M.R. Drury and R.L.M. Vissers, Structural petrology of plagioclase peridotites in the West Othris Mountains (Greece): Melt impregnation in mantle lithosphere - Journal of Petrology, 42, 5-24, 2001.

Brouwer, F.M., R.L.M. Vissers and W.M. Lamb, Structure and metamorphism of the Gran Paradiso massif, western Alps, Italy - Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology,143, 450-470, 2002.

Dijkstra, A.H., M.R. Drury. R.L.M. Vissers and Newman, J., On the role of melt-rock reaction in mantle shear zone formation in the Othris Peridotite Massif (Greece) - Journal of Structural Geology, 24, 1431-1450, 2002.


Aside being busy with Planet Earth, I am much interested in small-scale historical studies like genealogy. A link to a website concerning those activities is still under construction.

Last but not least, flamenco music and playing flamenco guitar are an important way to get rid of excess stresses. This music fascinates me, and I try to practize daily, both at home and, inasmuch as possible, when abroad in the field.