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Chairs at the department of Earth Sciences

 Dynamics of the solid Earth

  • Dynamics of the Earth's mantle
    prof.dr. Wim Spakman
  • Earth materials and deformation
    prof.dr. Chris Spiers
  • Electronmicroscopy and nanostructures
    prof.dr. Martyn Drury
  • Paleomagnetism
    prof.dr. Cor Langereis
  • Magnetostratigraphy
    prof.dr. Wout Krijgsman
  • Seismology
    prof.dr. Jeannot Trampert
  • Tectonics
    prof.dr. Sierd Cloetingh, KNAW Academy Chair
  • Theoretical geochemistry and mineralogy
    prof.dr. Nora de Leeuw, affiliated with UCL
  • Integrated Basin Information Systems (strategic chair)
    prof.dr. Jan-Diederik van Wees, affiliated with TNO
  • Regional and petroleum geology (strategic chair)
    prof.dr. Jan de Jager, affiliated with Shell
  • Architecture, thermicity and resources of sedimentary basins and orogens (strategic chair)
    prof.dr. Francois Roure, affiliated with IFPEN

Climate & Environment

  • General geochemistry
    prof.dr. Jack Middelburg
  • Hydrogeology Majid Hassanizadeh, affiliated with Deltares
  • Marine biogeochemistry Caroline Slomp
  • Marine geochemistry and chemical oceanography
    prof.dr. Gert de Lange
  • Marine geology
    prof.dr. Gert-Jan Reichart, affiliated with Royal NIOZ 
  • Marine palaeobiology (part-time chair)
    prof.dr. Henk Brinkhuis, affiliated with Royal NIOZ
  • Molecular paleontology (part-time chair) Stefan Schouten, affiliated with Royal NIOZ
  • Nutrient transport from land to sea (strategic chair) Lex Bouwman, affiliated with PBL
  • Organic geochemistry (part-time chair) Jaap Sinninghe Damsté, affiliated with Royal NIOZ
  • Paleoclimatology
    prof.dr. Lucas Lourens
  • Paleoceanography
    prof.dr. Appy Sluijs 
  • Quantitative microbial water safety (strategic chair)
    prof.dr. J.F. Schijven, affiliated with RIVM
  • Quantitative water management of semi-arid environments Ruud Schotting, Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said chair
  • Vertebrate paleontology (part-time chair)
    prof.dr. Jelle Reumer, affiliated with Natural History Museum Rotterdam
  • Vadose Zone hydrology (visiting chair)
    prof.dr. Rien van Genuchten 

Retired and/or left

  • prof.dr. P.L. de Boer, sedimentology
  • prof.dr. M.J.R. Wortel, tectonophysics
  • prof.dr. R.L.M. Vissers, orogenesis and lithospheric extension
  • prof.dr. P.S.J. Van Cappellen, geochemistry
  • prof.dr. E. Jansma, dendrochronology & palaeoecology (transfered in 2011 to sister department of Physical Geography)
  • prof.dr. M. Hale, economic geology
  • prof.dr. R.D. van der Hilst, computational seismology 
  • prof.dr. G.J. van der Zwaan, biogeology
  • prof.dr. J.W. de Leeuw, organic geochemistry
  • prof.dr. C.J. van der Zwan, applied stratigrafic prediction
  • prof.dr. S.H. White, structural geology
  • prof.dr. Th.E. Wong, sedimentary geology of NL
  • prof.dr. B.H.W.S. de Jong, petrology
  • prof.dr. J.E. Meulenkamp, stratigraphy/paleontology
  • prof.dr. J.C. Mondt, applied geophysics
  • prof.dr. H.A.J. Oonk, thermodynamics
  • prof.dr. R.K. Snieder, seismology
  • prof.dr. C.H. van der Weijden, marine & hydrogeochemistry
  • prof.dr. R.D. Schuiling, geochemistry  
  • prof.dr. H.N.A. Priem, planetary geology
  • prof.dr. J.D.A. Zijderveld, paleomagnetism
  • prof.dr. K. Helbig, exploration geophysics 
  • prof.dr. G. Nolet, seismology
  • prof.dr. H. Das, radiochemistry
  • prof.dr. D. Eisma, sedimentary geology