Plant-Microbe Interactions

Plant-Microbe Interactions

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In nature, plants are attacked by a multitude of pathogens and pests that can cause major crop losses in agriculture. To protect themselves, plants can activate a sophisticated immune system. Moreover, they recruit beneficial microbes to their root system that help them to grow better and boost immune responses. The Plant-Microbe Interactions group aims to unravel at the molecular level how the plant immune system orchestrates interactions with beneficial microbes, pathogens and insects. This provides a rational basis for developing sustainable strategies for disease resistance in next-generation crops that produce more with less input of fertilizers or pesticides.


Corné Pieterse



5 January 2016
Utrecht Plant Science & Industry Symposium, 11 December 2015
21 October 2015
Antonio Leon-Reyes elected ASPB top author
Gezonde aardappelen en aardappelplanten
6 October 2015
A receptor discovered by plant biologists from Utrecht University and colleagues can help crops offer better protection against diseases.


18 March 2016 08:30 -
Institute of Environmental Biology Symposium, March 18th 2016, Fort bij Vechten

Plant-Microbe Interactions