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UCU is part of Utrecht University, which was founded in 1636. UCU itself was founded in 1998, and was the first university college in the Netherlands.

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UCU offers a three-year bachelor program in Liberal Arts and Sciences. All students live and study on our residential campus.

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Programme confernce Sustainability
2 October 2015
At Utrecht University we bring together sustainability research ranging from single molecules to complete planets.
Network in ribosome
28 September 2015
Voorheen kon dit alleen wanneer een klein aantal eiwitten in een kunstmatige setting bij elkaar waren gebracht
28 September 2015
Deltares, TNO and Utrecht University opened “Utrecht Castel”, a shared environmental laboratory at Utrecht Science Park.
Complex Systems Studies
28 September 2015
Thanks to a gift from Dr. Peter Koeze, who earned his PhD. in Physics in 1968, two PhD candidates can be appointed
28 September 2015
On 22 September U.S.E. started the academic year by reflecting upon current issues that play an important role in the world.



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