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The challenge to develop a sustainable society is one of the greatest facing society in the 21st century. Utrecht University is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility in this area.

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Future delta's
1 July 2015
Strengthening interdisciplinary research yielding new insights and innovative solutions to deal with challenges in deltas worldwide
1 July 2015
Growing concern over the impacts of global environmental changes on the state of the future oceans and their capacity to produce seafood
Future Food Utrecht - zaadje planten
25 June 2015
Deadline 5 October 2015, 17.00 hrs.
22 June 2015
Cyclists in the Netherlands live on average six months longer than their non-biking counterparts, researchers found.
18 June 2015
Unilever offers a 3 month internship for Master students at their R&D facility in Vlaardingen




E.g., 07/08/2015
8 July 2015 09:00 -
Seminar during which the Academy of Ecosystem Services will be launched
26 - 28
26 October 2015 12:00 -
International conference - Sustainability
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Sustainable UU