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The challenge to develop a sustainable society is one of the greatest facing society in the 21st century. Utrecht University is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility in this area.

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Nature Communications
17 March 2015
Chemists from the University of Utrecht have developed, together with colleagues in UK and in the US, a new reusable catalyst
Sneeuwval / snowfall Antartica
16 March 2015
Polar researchers from the UU and their international colleagues have discovered that a rise in temperatures results also in an increase in snowfall
Koen Frenken
10 March 2015
Innovation scientist Koen Frenken awarded a €1.5 million grant for research into the evolution of innovation
9 March 2015
Dr. Esther Stouthamer initiated the Future Deltas research programme, one of Utrecht University’s eleven research focus areas.
Prof. dr. Marc Bierkens
9 March 2015
New research shows that climate change will cause more flooding of rivers and thus results in an ever-increasing economic effect.




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