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The challenge to develop a sustainable society is one of the greatest facing society in the 21st century. Utrecht University is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility in this area.

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19 January 2015
Large, established car manufacturers influence policy on sustainable cars. PhD candidate Joeri Wesseling explains how to deal with this.
16 January 2015
A resolution on land subsidence has been accepted by the Dutch House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer). Future Deltas is involved in developing this motion.
16 January 2015
Biomass production may indirectly cause changes such as deforestation and higher greenhouse gas emission. Research indicates this can be avoided.
6 January 2015
Blue energy, which can be generated by mixing fresh water and salty water, can offer a much higher energy yield if the fresh water is preheated.
5 January 2015
Han Wösten on Belgium Radio


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Sustainable UU