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The challenge to develop a sustainable society is one of the greatest facing society in the 21st century. Utrecht University is committed to fulfilling its social responsibility in this area.

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29 July 2015
Four earth scientists from Utrecht University are to participate in the sector-wide NWO program The New Delta.
20 July 2015
A VENI has been awarded to Frank Meye. He will be focusing on stress, eating behaviour and the brain.
Infographic Future Deltas
8 July 2015
On July 1st the Future Deltas Symposium took place in Utrecht. Please find the presentations given during this one-day symposium on our website.
The coordinators and academic leader of the Academy for Ecosystem Services: Pita Verweij, René Boot and Marijke van Kuijk
8 July 2015
On Wednesday July 8th the Academy of Ecosystem Services was officially launched at Utrecht University
Dry rice plants
8 July 2015
The goal is to determine the mechanisms by which the important food crop, rice, and the model plant Arabidopsis can adapt to different conditions




E.g., 08/02/2015
15 September 2015 20:00 -
National and international top scientists show us dream visions and doomsday scenarios in four lectures on urban issues in relation to health.
26 - 28
26 October 2015 12:00 -
International conference - Sustainability
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