Lustrum 2011

Every five years, the university celebrates a special anniversary: the lustrum. This is marked by a special Anniversary Day celebration, followed by a series of festive and spectacular activities organised by student societies in the months thereafter. One notable example, from 1906, is the construction of an entire Roman arena. For many years, the university also had a tradition of holding a costume parade based on a specific theme. This tradition was reinstated in 2006.

At the 75th five-year anniversary or lustrum in 2011, the university joined forces with the student body, Utrechtsch Studenten Corps, to organise a masked parade on the theme of Odysseus. Many of these activities are open to the public, reflecting the university's close ties with the city of Utrecht.


In 2016, Utrecht University celebrates its 380th anniversary, which will once again be celebrated in style. Further information will be made available here as soon as it is released.