Department of Media and Culture Studies

The Department of Media and Culture Studies provides education on and carries out research in the fields of film, television, games, new media and digital culture, theatre, dance and performance, gender and ethnicity, music and cultural policies. Culture is a dynamic mix of artistic, creative and everyday practices with which people shape their identities and actions, and within which societal structures and institutions take shape. Media (old and new) are crucial factors in these processes.


The department is the home base for all the lecturers who teach in the Bachelor’s programmes Media en Cultuur and Muziekwetenschap. They also teach in the various Master's programmes, including Film- en Televisiewetenschap and the English-language programmes Applied Musicology, Arts and Society, Contemporary Theatre, Dance and Dramaturgy, Gender Studies, Gender Studies (Research), Media, Art and Performance Studies, Musicology and New Media & Digital Culture.


The scholars in media and culture studies from the various research groups often work together to explore issues surrounding different facets of the role played by art, culture, and media in present-day society. The research focuses on a broad range of media and cultural and artistic performances, which are studied within their intermedial context. We pay particular attention to the relation between historical and contemporary developments, transmedial and intermedial phenomena, cultural diversity, emancipation, heritage and the digital humanities.


5 October 2016
Pokémon Go, Communicate! and Crowd Simulation at the Weekend of Science
2 September 2016
Last week of the Summer School Utrecht 2016: Multidisciplinary Game Research
Dr. Rick Dolphijn
2 September 2016
Each year until 2019, cultural theory expert Dolphijn will spend the month of April in Hong Kong, lecturing on Deleuze’s Logic of Sense.


Prof. Davina Cooper
4 November 2016 11:00 - 12:30
Op vrijdag 4 november geeft Prof. dr. Davina Cooper een Doing Gender lezing: ‘Governing erotically: States of withdrawal, attachments and pleasures.’
10 November 2016 19:30 - 21:30
The renowned theatre collective Rimini Protokoll will give a lecture and workshop on playful participation.
Calais, the Last Border by Marc Isaacs
15 November 2016 19:15 - 21:30
On 15 November the Postcolonial Studies Initiative will be screening Lift and Calais, the Last Border as part of its seventh annual film series.

Department of Media and Culture Studies