Veterinary Education

Unique in the Netherlands
The Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the only institution in the Netherlands that trains young people to become veterinarians. Much more than has been the case in the past, the veterinarian of the future will have to master professions other than that of practising veterinarian, such as academic or applied research, policy or management. To meet this challenge, the faculty’s Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes must constantly innovate in order to satisfy the demands that will be placed on future veterinarians.

Competentieprofiel voor dierenartsen
Competency profile

The education in the Master’s programme is competency-led; this means that the curriculum prepares students for the later performance of the profession based on the competency profile for the veterinarian.

Online course

Elevate is an online academy offering online courses in medical (research) science, veterinary science and global health.

International accreditation
The Veterinary Medicine study programme is fully accredited by European organisation, but also by the relevant organisations in the United States and Canada. This means that faculty graduates can build a career almost anywhere in the world.

Veterinary Education