Utrecht University works with secondary schools and other partners in the field of education, with the aim of ensuring quality education. The University wants to share knowledge and improve the quality of education.

Talent development

The central focus lies on developing the talents of secondary-school pupils and ensuring the professionalisation of the lecturers, teaching staff and managers involved with the academic programmes. The University links academic research to educational practice: on the one hand, it opens its doors, both literally and figuratively, to students, lecturers and their managers, and on the other hand, it brings scientists and science into the classrooms. The purpose is to stimulate talent development and professionalism.

Centre for Teaching and Learning

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (in Dutch) is a cooperative platform for all University components focused on the professionalisation of lecturers, the development of teaching materials and research into learning processes for higher, secondary, secondary vocational and post-graduate education.

Graduate School of Teaching

The Graduate School of Teaching, in close collaboration with secondary schools, takes care of teacher training and educative minors in 18 secondary school subjects.

From preschool to higher education

Cooperation starts at the preschool level and continues throughout the entire educational chain: from primary, through secondary, to higher education. In this way, the University encourages the transition between the different types of schools and eventually, the final step towards a successful university education.


Utrecht University organises activities in collaboration with schools for teachers, student counsellors and school leaders, aimed at sharing information, knowledge and expertise. It also offers an interesting range of activities for school pupils of primary and secondary education and students of higher professional education (HBO).