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IT-services Utrecht University


With the use of Solis-VPN it is possible to use the same (or some of the) facilities as from your Solis-workplace at Utrecht University. It allows you access to your Solis-mail and files stored on the server of the faculty. Furthermore a number of bibliographies and reference books of Utrecht University Library are also accessible. 

However, via Solis-VPN you don't have access to the Full Text of Utrecht University Library. For this you need to go to the Library's homepage.When searching an article you need to log in using your Solis ID. It's also possible to log in directly onto the Full Text via


On all the Solis-laptops the new VPN is not yet installed. For now you can still use the old VPN which is installed by default on all Solis-laptops.

Requirements for setting up a VPN connection
Go to and log in with your Solis ID and password. Make use of the user manual Solis-VPN (pdf) to set up a VPN connection on your PC. If you would like to use Solis-VPN on your iPad, you can use the user manual Solis-VPN for iPad (pdf).