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IT-services Utrecht University

Solis mail (email for employees)

Solis mail is the mail environment for employees of Utrecht University. It also provides the use of a schedule, task list, address book plus the possibility to keep notes. Every new employee is provided with a Solis-ID (and Solis-password) along with an e-mail address.

From a standard Solis-workplace it is possible to send and receive e-mail using Outlook and also manage your calendar.

Capacity mailbox

The capacity of your mailbox is limited. When the capacity has (almost) reached its limit you will receive an e-mail from the ‘Administrator’. It will not be possible to send or receive e-mail as long as the mailbox is too full. Make space by deleting items from your ‘Inbox’/’Sent items’/’Calendar’/’Concepts’ and empty the folder ‘Deleted items’.

In case of problems logging onto Solis-mail

Are you experiencing problems logging on to Solis-mail? Check first if you can logon – preferably within university – on another computer. If you can logon to Solis-mail from there then it has to do with your settings on your pc at home.

Then please follow these steps:

  • remove all ‘cookies’ from your web browser (via extra > internet options > remove cookies)
  • change the internet settings in your browser to standard (via extra > internet options > security)
  • switch off your firewall; to ensure this is not the cause of the problem. (Beware that some firewalls keep on working in the background although they are switched off.)
  • if you could not logon to Solis-mail from another pc then please check the maintenance page for possible ongoing interruptions . If there is no mention of a disruption please report it to the ICT Service desk.

Using Solis-mail from outside of the UU

When you logon from outside university onto Solis-mail it is possible to use the Outlook Web App (OWA).

Within your browser the OWA program will be opened; herewith you can read your e-mail, send replies, manage your calendar/contacts/keep a task list and gather notes. It does not require the installation of additional software.

Note: the current version of OWA is optimised for using Internet Explorer (IE) Microsoft’s web browser. In other web browsers, like Firefox or Chrome, the basic functions of OWA do work but sometimes with less functionality or user comfort.

Having difficulties opening shared calendars in Outlook?

In case you cannot open shared calendars; here you will find instructions how to get them to work again.

Solis-mail via IMAP

Alongside email (not for the calendar function) you can use an e-mail program that supports the IMAP protocol. Neither the IT Service Desk nor the faculty helpdesks offer support for IMAP clients.

E-mail on smart phones

To be able to read your university mail on your smart phone it is possible to establish synchronization with the Exchange-server. For a short overview of the correct settings and also for more detailed manuals please go to Telephone-manuals page.