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IT-services Utrecht University

Solis-ugids  (name and address directory UU)

Solis-ugids is Utrecht University’s online name and address directory (in Dutch only). This directory contains the names and other information of students and staff of the University. You can do a direct name search for staff members (select 'Medewerker') or students (select 'Student') or you may first select the Faculty, Institute or department within which you want to search (select 'Organisatieonderdeel’). You will find Solis-ugids at
The Solis directory lists, by default, the full name, Faculty (or Service Department) and email address of each student and member of staff. The data for the directory is drawn from, respectively, the student system (Osiris) and the University’s employee system (SAP HR); this is done no later than one day after the student or staff member was entered into that system.

Changing your details

You can view, change or add to your details at any time. To do so, go to and click on [Eigen gegevens]. After you enter your Solis ID and password, your personal details will display. Here you can edit your password, room number and telephone number. Your university email address can be changed once only. If you like, you can add your mobile phone number, and a picture of yourself.

If your name details and/or Faculty information are incorrect, they need to be updated in the SAP/HR employee system. To have this done, contact Human Resources of your Faculty or Service Department.


Solis-ugids contains personal details of all students and staff of Utrecht University. All details are subject to the Data Protection Act and to Utrecht University’s privacy regulations.

Your personal details are not visible to the public. In Solis-ugids, through [Eigen gegevens], you can use the privacy option to hide your details from public view. To do this, on the 'gegevens openbaar' tab, select
‘public’ (everything is public except your personal details);
‘private’ (your details do not display in Solis-ugids); or
‘hidden’ (your details do not display in Solis-ugids nor in the Outlook address book).

Solis-ugids Terms of Use

By using Solis-ugids you have entered into an agreement with Utrecht University. This agreement is subject to the following terms of use:

  1. You may use Solis-ugids to search for Utrecht University students and staff details. 
  2. Directory information may only be viewed and may not be stored in files, other than a temporary file necessary to ensure proper operation of the browser used. 
  3. You may not trade in directory information, reproduce this information, or use this information for direct mail purposes. 
  4. You are not authorised, without prior written consent from Utrecht University, to establish a direct link or gateway, other than through a hyperlink, between Solis-ugids and other (web)sites, (meta) search engines or any other computer network. 
  5. In the case of any breach of the above terms by you, Utrecht University retains the right, at its sole discretion, to revoke, with immediate effect, your right to use the directory or to block you from searching for directory information, and to enforce this term by implementing any technical remedies. 
  6. Utrecht University cannot guarantee that the information contained in Solis-ugids is accurate, current and complete. 
  7. Utrecht University has the right to alter these terms of use without prior notice. 
  8. This agreement is subject only to the laws of the Netherlands. Any disputes arising out of this agreement shall be resolved by the appropriate court located in Utrecht. 
  9. These terms are also be available in Dutch. In case of any dispute on the contents or meaning, the Dutch text shall prevail.