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Utrecht University

Support for European Grants

Faculty grant offices

If you would like to submit a project proposal, please contact the faculty grant office advisers at the earliest possible moment. They can offer assistance in organising the project, drawing up a budget and ensuring that your application meets all of the applicable requirements.

The grant office also has a number of model contracts (in Dutch and English) available for topics such as cooperation, contract research or confidentiality.

University programmes and training courses

The university offers training courses or informational sessions for a number of individual grant programmes to assist in submitting a proper research proposal for funding such as FP7 or ERC Grants. Course selection.

University EU-Expertise Network

The EU-Expertise Network was founded to bundle and disseminate knowledge about applying for and executing European grant projects in order to simplify participation in European projects. The network is composed of two EU experts, a legal expert, a financial expert and an HRM expert from each faculty. The Education and Research Office coordinates the network. For information, please contact Maria-Jose Rojo Martinez at tel: +31 (0)30 253 3942 or

EU Liaison Officer in Brussels

European programmes for research, education and innovation are becoming increasingly important due to financial and strategic considerations. The university has therefore appointed an EU Liaison Officer to keep up-to-date with long term developments in European policy: Emmy Ruiter. 

She regularly travels to Brussels to maintain contacts with the staff of the European Commission and other interested parties. Within the university she advises on the development of a proactive strategy and position for the research groups and institutes. The EU Liaison Officer collaborates closely with the faculty grant officers for EU support. Contact:

National Contact Point for FP7

The Expertise Centre for International Research and Innovation (EiOI) is the national contact point for FP7. EiOI provides information, consulting and training, looks for partners and generates analyses of the participation of Dutch organisations in the Seventh Framework Programme.